Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

 Living History Artist

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And by the way…

The Performance:   Each historical characterization is performed in period costume and is approximately 45  to 60 minutes in length.

The Space:  A stage is never required, however, a certain amount of space for the performance and several set pieces.    A platform, or stage if available, increases the viewing pleasure of the audience, especially for large groups.
The Options:  Q/A in character and/or out of character is always welcome. 
Travel:  International
Fees:   Call for information.    

Thank you for your performance today at the West Hartford public library, it was excellent.   I am a middle school teacher of history in Hartford, CT at Capital Preparatory Magnet School.   I would love to schedule a performance for my students and parents at our school.   Can you tell me if this is possible and how we can do this?


Thank you again, today was amazing.   I know my students would love to hear you and meet you.


Dennis Moynihan 

Capital Preparatory Magnet School, Hartford, CT

6th/8th Grade History and Social Studies Teacher

Woventales inspire, educate, entertain.

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti

PO Box 380496

East Hartford, CT 06138-0496


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